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As you guys probably know, we design and build cool props and games for escape rooms. But a year ago, I said, “Wouldn’t it would be cool if we could create a stand-alone prop that could actually earn the escape room extra money on its own?” So, the quest for the perfect lobby-game began. I started prototyping different ideas for income-generating, lobby games because I wanted to create something that was affordable, compact, fun, easy to manage, visually impressive and could generate additional income from everyone that visited the escape rooms.

After 4 very different versions, lots of beta testing and even more improvements, SpiderBall was born and “Wow”, I couldn’t be happier with the result! This game is so fun to play! We honestly can’t remember laughing so hard while playing this game. The game has such a dynamic mix between friendly-fun and fiendish-sabotage which makes it sassy and infinitely replayable. You’ll see what I mean when you play it, assuming your order is forthcoming… you’ll love it!

We are charging $5.00 / player / game, but you can pick any number that works for you. Since, game-time is adjustable, it opens up different monetization opportunities for different crowd-flow. And, festivals are where this game really shines because it processes such a high turnover.

The game is fun for any number of players; even or odd, 2-8.

The 4 and 6 player versions are virtually the same size; 32” x 32” x 6’ tall. I designed them this way so they can fit through a standard door opening without having to take the game apart.

The 8-player version is much more physical, 42” x 42” x 6’ tall, and its larger footprint is necessary to accommodate 8 players at one time. It comes apart in two pieces; the top game cabinet separates from the base cabinet. Both parts will fit through a 36” door opening when separated, but not as one unit. The top unit must be carried through the door sideways, while the bottom unit can be carried through upright.

You’ll need some free space around the game for players to stand. Usually another 18” is ample.

Visually, SPIDERBALL ESCAPE is stunning. The edge-lit spiderweb panels are all different colors and the black-lit interior illuminates the Spiderballs and score-goals beautifully. I’d encourage you to set the game up in a dim location to take advantage of the beautiful colors not washing out in the sunlight.

We ship the game as one piece, assembled and ready to plug in and play. It’ll arrive in a crate on a pallet, via a freight delivery truck with a lift-gate. Shipping to the lower 48 States is FREE through October 2019, so don’t miss it! The games are sturdy and heavy, so you’ll need help setting it in place.

Playing the game is pretty simple; You explain that the objective is to catch as many Spiderballs as possible and stuff them down your Green Goal to score points. But the other players can see your score, so they may decide to sabotage you and stuff Spiderballs down your Red Goal to take away your points. Friends become enemies (in a fun way) very quickly as the game progresses. I’ve even seen a Grandma get feisty with her grandkids, and girlfriends turn on boyfriends, while competing for high score, all in the name of good, clean fun! And, you don’t even have to play because it’s almost just as fun to watch and listen to their funny comments fly back and forth!

You use adorable tiny-hands and grabbers to catch Spiderballs, which are durable, but you should order a couple of spares to keep on-hand. Other than that, the game is virtually indestructible. I’d shy away from letting intoxicated people play it though, as they can get a little rough playing something feisty like SPIDERBALL.

For the game master, it’s as simple as pushing a button to start the game. You can pre-select 5-minutes, 10-minutes, 15-minutes or 30-minutes for a game time depending on what works for your location and your ticket price. The game starts a music soundtrack, included with the game, or record your own playlist on an SD card. Once the game ends, the winner is revealed by the high score. There’s no need to reset the game. It is ready immediately for the next group.

So many different revenue ideas can be created with this game, so get creative. Returning customer discounts, leader board prizes, birthday party treats, raffles and fundraising to name a few.

If you want to conserve cash and use financing, we can put you in touch with our PayPal rep. They do a maximum term of 12-month financing and charge around 20% interest, with approval in 3 days based on reviewing your last 3-months bank statements.

Hope this message gives you enough information to make you say, “Yes!” to SPIDERBALL ESCAPE at your location very soon. It’ll be like having a money tree in the lobby that makes people laugh, and what’s wrong with that?

Let me know if you need any more detail. Email me at bill@deadlineInc.com



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