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The Reactor is one of our coolest prop/puzzles!!!! It can be used as the Meta puzle in your game because it requires help from everyone to solve it and you will laugh at how many times players will re-do the same thing over and over again without realizing it.

Okay, first players will notice there are 3 Rods in 3 different sections of the prop. There are also 3 possible holes for each of those rods to be placed into.

Second, players will notice there is a slot on the right that requires a Stabalized Fusion Rod (sold separately in our props section).

Third, players will notice that there are three slots in the top of the puzzle where they must insert 3 paddles.

Fourth, players will notice that the 3 paddles all have a white rod in hole on the top of the paddle.

Hang on Sherlock, this is where it really gets interesting...

Players must use different and seemingly unrelated clues to findo out which holes to place the Rods and which paddles go into which slots (the white rods in the paddles actuall glow different colors under a black light). I respetfully regret that I cannot divulge more information in the event this message falls into the wrong hands (i.e. the Player). But I can say, you will become the new keeper of the secrets when you buy this device! Solving the puzzle activates a button that will open the Teleporter door ... (or what ever else you decide to connect it to).

This prop/puzzle comes turn-key complete with Cabinet, Paddles, Rods, Clues and LED clue. (Remember, the Stabilized Rod prop and cabinet is not included. You must select it from the props catalog for this device to work).

The Reactor

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