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Ever dreamed of contacting Aliens? Now you can! This clever prop has a mysterious 3D puzzle that has 7 peices (hence the name of the prop: 7 Stones). Players find each puzzle piece and then must assemble them to create a pyramid shape on the lower platform of the Altar. This starts a special effect sequence that tells players they just accidentaly turned on a homing signal that will bring an Alien race to earth to enslave mankind! Oh no Mr Bill! Now players must solve another clue that will allow them to turn off the homing signal with the keypad on the upper platform of the Altar. Success will trigger a maglock to open. (this prop works well as the final puzzle to open the Exit Door.)  

7 Stones Altar

  • PLEASE NOTE: This product is built by hand once we receive the order. This means the product may take up to 10-15 business days, based on your position in queue, in order to be ready to ship. If you need the product shipped on a specific day, please contact us.

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