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Take your escape room to the top of your market with one or more of our Game-In-A-Box (GIAB) masterpieces! Slaycation, 7th Stone and Dark Sector have been fine tuned over several years into some of the best games in the world. Our customers consistently rate these games at 5 stars/best games ever, because they are unique, fresh, surprising and they combine the perfect mix of suspense and laughter to leave players with a truly memorable and immersive experience. 


Our GIAB products arrive in a crate (not a box) that is shipped to your door with everything you need to set up and play the game (excluding theming and decorative elements). 


You can either purchase the GIAB complete, or replace props you want to build yourself to save money. And, to make it even easier, we can come to you and install the game in +/- 3 days! Simply email and Bill will respond promptly with custom solutions or answers to any questions you have.  


Our games carry exclusive territories so please inquire as to availability in your area before purchasing.

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