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World renowned archeologist, Dr. Carter, believes he has discovered the truth behind the mysterious legend of the 7 Stones, but he has gone missing inside a dangerous pyramid said to be the final resting place of the mighty pharaoh Karbaza. With only 1 hour of Oxygen in your tank, your team must find Dr. Carter and the 7 Stones hidden somewhere inside the pyramid of Abydos. Keep your Oxygen tank close; it may may reveal a secret of its own!

This game introduces an Ancient Aliens twist with Ancient Egyptians to create an old world adventure with high tech props and puzzles. The 7th Stone is more like an adventure game than an escape room game and great for all ages. It will make you feel like a real explorer as you and your friends navigate this pyramid with a twist.




We offer this Game-In-A-Box option that includes all of the puzzle props needed to get your game up and running. GIAB comes complete and ready to install, excluding theming/decorative items. Its everything you need to play the game, without the fluff.


With the purchase you will recieve:


Digital download

Detailed walk-through of game flow from a players perspective

Complete breakdown of all puzzles and mechanics in the game

A guide for setting up/resetting the room

Photos of all props used in the game to help you visualize the end product


Game prop-puzzles

- Custom built prop-puzzles ready to install. Plug and play.

- Complete set of game graphics and master print files

- Installation phone support if you have any questions!


You will recieve the digital download instantly, and the game prop-puzzles when they are ready to ship!

The 7th Stone Game-In-A-Box

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