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You and your friends book a slammin' deal on a remote getaway cabin deep in the woods to take a much needed break from the daily grind. After you arrive, you realize you've made a mistake when the door locks behind you. You and your buddies are now in a game of cat and mouse with your towns newest serial killer! Imagine being trapped in Jay Jayson's cabin in the woods when your only chance to escape is to solve cryptic clues left behind by the ghosts of 4 of his prior victims before Jay returns. Can you do it?

The custom built puzzles, traps and special effects add to the suspense in this game but it is also cleverly mixed with fun humor to keep your spirits high and help your team to escape and master the challenge. Slaycation has amazing props like a full size electric chair, a guillotine, a crematoreum and more!  You can do this!




We offer this Game-In-A-Box option that includes all of the puzzle props needed to get your game up and running. GIAB comes complete and ready to install, excluding theming/decorative items. Its everything you need to play the game, without the fluff.


With the purchase you will recieve:


Digital download

Detailed walk-through of game flow from a players perspective

Complete breakdown of all puzzles and mechanics in the game

A guide for setting up/resetting the room

Photos of all props used in the game to help you visualize the end product


Game prop-puzzles

- Custom built prop-puzzles ready to install. Plug and play.

- Complete set of game graphics and master print files

- Installation phone support if you have any questions!


You will recieve the digital download instantly, and the game prop-puzzles when they are ready to ship!

Slaycation Game-In-A-Box

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