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This meta-puzzle is designed as an end of game puzzle because it requires players to obtain elements throughout the game to solve it – AND it goes out with a BANG!

The Dynamite Door is the Exit Game Puzzle, or it can be used in the middle of the storyline too. Players must locate:

·        The Key for the Plunger

·        5 sticks of Dynamite

·        3 Detonator wires

Then, players must place the Dynamite in the holes in the door mantle and figure out the sequence of detonator wires by plugging them into the dynamite. One wire goes to the plunger, which is mounted +/- 10 feet away from the door by a chain strap.

Once the detonator wires are in the right sticks of dynamite, and the lead wire is in the plunger, and the Key in the plunger is turned to “Detonate”, players can push down the plunger to BLOW the door open and escape!

A special effect sequence plays automatically and freaks out the players with 5 explosions, red lights and smoke before the door opens!

This prop comes complete with a fog machine which can be used or not used, based on your preference.

The Door is made to fit in front of an existing doorway. The prop is 44” wide x 56” tall and the actual doorway is 27” wide x 48” tall.

Dynamite Door

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