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Who can live without their very own electric chair? This prop is 2 FX in one: Until players solve the power puzzle, it only farts when you sit on it... but after you solve the power pod puzzle, here come the fireworks, making this prop a crowd favorite both before and after the puzzle is solved. After the FX sequence plays, a secret drawer under the seat opens to reveal what ever clue you want to hide in there. The electric chair is hand made and may look different when you receive it. It comes completely turn-key with the chair, wiring, speaker, controllers, sensors, triggers, power pod and fire crackers. This prop works especially welll if you catch the babysitter sleeping... but of course, it'll also wake the baby!

Electric Chair

  • PLEASE NOTE: This product is built by hand once we receive the order. This means the product may take up to 10-15 business days, based on your position in queue, in order to be ready to ship. If you need the product shipped on a specific day, please contact us.

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