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Ever needed a hand? Well, with this guillotine prop your can always get a hand. The prop is safe to operate in a game. Players must discover clues that help them to open 2 padlocks covering the holes in the front. Once they open the cover, they can retrieve items from inside... but wait... there's more; the blade comes down creating the perfect jump scare:) Also, in the bottom of the guillotine is a grate that hides another clue. The grate can only be opened with a special tool that is included with the prop. The tool is hidden in the game somewhere. This prop is a crowd favorite and is sure to raise the emotions of players.


  • PLEASE NOTE: This product is built by hand once we receive the order. This means the product may take up to 10-15 business days, based on your position in queue, in order to be ready to ship. If you need the product shipped on a specific day, please contact us.

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