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Your customers won’t believe their eyes as this mind-blowing HOLOGRAM Prop moves through 3 distinct FX sequences; Ignite, Halo and Extinguish.

We designed the HOLOBOX CandleFire to go with everything from magical to high tech games. Here’s how it works:

  • Players will find the Igniter cannister inside a secret compartment on the HOLOBOX CandleFire and insert it into the receiver on top. This illuminates the green button, igniting a fantastic blowtorch effect which lights all 4 “real” candles inside the HOLOBOX. This effect is exhilirating to see a fire inside the HOLOBOX (but don’t worry, it looks real but it’s not real - so no need to get the fire extinguisher).
  • Then the Halo Cannister ignites to morph a colorful aura around each flame…
  • But that’s not all… the final effect sequence then "extinguishes" the flames to reveal a 4-digit code in the smoke as the candles go out! Now it’s up to the players to match the code with the auras to open the included padlock.

WOW! You’ve got to have this prop in your escape room! 

HOLOBOX: CandleFire

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