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Our newest Holobox effect "Ghost Trap" is an outstanding visualization of spooks and spectres being banished into a magical/high-tech portal! The physical portal remains inactive inside the box until players aqquire the ghost filled canister. When activated, a spooky ghost can be seen lurking inside the holobox progressing through scenes that make up a puzzle, before finally being sucked up into the portal. This might be the most realistic ghost you or your customers ever see! This version of the holobox also comes with a second video effect that you can swap out to cater to different guests. The alternate effect isnt as scary, but is sure to leave a smile and remains kid friendly. Now your customers finally have the opportunity to interact with real live dead ghosts :) Please Note; The video shows accompanying GHOST props which are additional to the GhostTrap Holobox prop. 

HOLOBOX: Ghost Trap

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