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Many properties of this mysterious fluid continue to baffle scientists and are still unknown, but Liquid X is the key to untold secrets! Discover a vial of Liquid X and place it in the custom slot, then rotating the circular base will reveal a code in the liquid itself...

Players need to find the mysterious Liquid X Vial somewhere in the game and then bring it to the Containment Chamber and place it in the slot in the Liquid X turntable. But they can only reach it through the access holes in the top of the Containment Chamber so they need to work together. As they rotate the turntable, 4 numbers appear in the fluid inside the vial. These numbers are used to solve a 4-digit puzzle somewhere else in the game. 

Liquid X

  • PLEASE NOTE: This product is built by hand once we receive the order. This means the product may take up to 10-15 business days, based on your position in queue, in order to be ready to ship. If you need the product shipped on a specific day, please contact us.

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