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If you have a constantly changing client base, you can't beat this exclusive offer! Top of the line escape-game and prop builder, Planet Deadline Inc., is pleased to offer a Brand NEW, Badass, custom-built mobile escape room with our signature serial killer game, Slaycation.


Slaycation Mobile is a turn-key insulated trailer package with heating, A/C, 120VAC - 12VDC power, easily towable by and suv or truck, 16' x 7' x 7'. Make money from day one! The only thing missing is your name on the graphics... And we'll do that too! First come first serve for exclusive territories. (Some locations may be unavailable due to existing Slaycation Game territory agreements). Comes with surveillance cameras in the game space so you can communicate with the players during the game.


Slaycation MOBILE is truly a state-of-the-art escape room with rock solid special effects and one of the most creative and immersive story lines in the industry! Email for more details and to reserve this awesome escape game trailer.

Slaycation is one of the top rated games in the country by players and escape room owners from all over the world. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to own our signature game as a Mobile unit. It will provide you with the same great experience that all of our Slaycation customers enjoy.


The story line is: You and a group of friends find a abandoned trailer nestled deep in the woods. Yet, shortly after breaking in, something doesn't seem right... the door locks behind you! A menacing journal left by the owner, Jay Jason, tells the story of how a vicious serial killer traps his victims. He will return soon to finish you off! But there is hope ... You are not alone. The spirits of his 4 previous victims are there to help you escape jay's trap. But the trick is to identify who he killed, in what order, and how they met their demise, before you can complie their clues to escape. Failure will mean you meet the same fate at the hands of Jay Jayson! Only time will tell.


Slaycation is a masterpiece of suspense and laughter and generates the best reviews. It can be played as a 30 or 60 minute escape game. 


Highlights include an electric chair, a working guillotine and a crematoreum in a hollywood style themed interior!

Slaycation Mobile

$39,500.00 Regular Price
$35,500.00Sale Price
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