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Tesla’s Laptop is an amazing high-tech prop with a wireless remote control trigger and a hidden compartment. On the surface of the puzzle are a series of random numbers and an electronic keypad. Tesla’s Laptop has a wonderful panel with illuminated gauges and buttons to further enhance the tech nature of the device. Players will find a remote control that was hidden somewhere in your game room. Once they press the button on the remote, a laser pattern in the shape of a keyboard will appear on the surface of the Laptop. They will have to realize that the laser projected image of  letters overlays the random numbers on the surface of the laptop. It takes some creative thinking and being aware of your surroundings to realize that the letters spell a word which reveals the correct order to key in the underlying numbers into the keypad. Once the sequence of numbers is entered on the keypad, a secret door automatically opens in the Laptop to reveal hidden clues. This prop is surely worthy of a thumbs up from Tesla himself!

Tesla's Laptop

  • PLEASE NOTE: This product is built by hand once we receive the order. This means the product may take up to 10-15 business days, based on your position in queue, in order to be ready to ship. If you need the product shipped on a specific day, please contact us.

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