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The MOBILE Zombie Bistro Game is a first in the escape room industry because it is RE-PLAYABLE again and again! Escape Rooms are like movies - you can watch it once but the chances you'll watch it again right afterwards is low. BUT, Zombie Bistro is DIFFERENT! It is full of wacky, challenge-based tasks that you can only get better at each time you play, resulting in a new experience and a faster and faster finish time!


Each challenge must be solved to beat the game - but here's the tricky part... the challenge only stays solved for 2 minutes before it resets itself to start over. And, you and your friends have to complete all of the challenges within a 2-minute window before you can press the button to bake the Zombie! What happens is pandamonium... hysteria... and lots of trash-talking! Think musical chairs, hot potatoe and Hell's Kitchen all rolled into one 5, 10 or 15 minute experience!


Here's the storyline:

You've captured a Zombie inside The ZEBO (Zombie Easy Bake Oven), but it is broken. You have to fix the oven and bake the Zombie trapped inside before he breaks out and eats you, preferably without ketchup and mustard! 


Zombie Bistro is sassy and funny and simply fantastic for parties, events and teambuilding! You can set up a leaderboard for competitions, offer prizes for the fastest time and watch happy people play over and over again. The ZEBO trailer even looks like it came from the apocalypse and has a drop down deck in back where people can view the fun inside i.e. like a Cheer Leader section! (Cheer Leaders not included).


This trailer is insulated, heated, air conditioned with electrical and backup power and it can be towed by an suv or a truck. DON'T MISS IT! This game is a riot and full of special effects!

Zombie Bistro MOBILE Escape Room

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